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Internet Developments

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Web 2.0 [often called Social web]

the name given to the the recent development of interactive websites that are quite different comparing to the old, static websites.

We can:

  1. shareinformation (e.g. notes and photos on Facebook)
  2. interact( add comments, chat, etc.)
  3. collaborateon content (e.g. creating pages on Wikipedia)
  4. create their own content (e.g. videos on YouTube)

>Blog and Blogging

the word Blog is a abbrevation of weblog
Blog is a website which can be personal which can be based on its interest, or used to link some sort of society,
Might be:
  • personal
  • based on interest
  • business
allows a person become 'writer' or publisher

WiKi(What I know is)

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a website that allows users to collaborate (work together) to create the content. The pages of a wiki can be edited by everyone (or those who have the password) so that different people can add to the page, edit things, fix errors, etc.