Assessment statement
Outline the meaning of the terms word, register and address and their use in the storage of data and instructions.


A fixed sized group of bits that are handled together by the instruction set of the processor. Words can not be larger than the largest possible address.

A small amount of storage available on a CPU. They can be accessed more quickly than main memory. Almost all computers load data from a larger memory into registers where it is used by the Control Unit or by the Arithmetic and Logic Unit. Registers could be used to hold data that is currently being processed by the ALU.

Identifies a memory location where a computer program or a hardware device can store and retrieve data. It is represented by a string of binary.

More Information:

Uses of Words:

  • Size of integer numbers
  • Size of floating point numbers
  • Size of addresses
  • Size of registers
  • Amount of data transferred when the processor reads from memory
  • Size of machine instructions


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