There are big health issues about ICT. Some are good, some are bad. The bad ones can result in severe danger like death or permanent brain damage / eye damage or even hand / wrist damage . There are also some good affects

ICT has different pros and cons that contribute towards health, some cons pros:

  • You can learn a lot of information on the internet.

  • You can find out about symptoms of illnesses like ie diabetes.

  • You can read books or watch documentaries.

There are also some cons like :

  • Some people can get addicted to video gaming, some gamers can even die from too much time on the computer.

  • People might stop socialising , perhaps loose some friends.

  • You might miss events like a doctors appointment because of not knowing the time.

Health problems can result in :

external image RSI-symptoms.jpg

RSI : Repetetive Strain Injury.

Technology also can make your life better :

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQi6YzYaxnE3_tKmUEV-_cC-iMyFlkZzuwAetdq-a8-H_t3qTD8

Measuring your temperature.

external image pm_animation4_126x126.gif

Measuring your pulse.

Things like back injuries or eye injuries can simply be solved by sitting straight, or looking at the monitor from a range.

external image laptop.jpg