Effects of ICT on Patterns of Employment.

Computers such as the personal computer were developed in the early 1980s. before this time computers were large, very expensive and could only operate a few tasks. only large companies and business could own them. now a days this is completely different, PC's are found almost on every employee's desk.

Because companies now have much more access to cheaper and more reliable computers they have organized and changed the way they operate.

  • Allows employees to work from home instead of having to go into work everyday.

  • Company may save office rent as more employees work from home now a days.

  • Common daily rush hours might reduce as less people have to and come from work.

  • employees may not no longer need to make so many visits to customers, this can be done using email and video conferencing.

  • Allows people to learn new skills or be re-skilled and provides new areas of employment i.e IT technicians, web designers or computer programmers.

external image Video-Conferencing-Business-Communications-Benefits.jpg Example of a Video conference.

external image work-from-home-300x200.jpg Employ working from home.

  • If the employee works from home the company can not check whether he/she is working.

  • Less social as you do not communicate with any other workers like you used to. If you would be working in an office you are constantly socializing with other co-workers.

  • Problems with the employee's computer can prevent him/her from completing the work.

  • People become de-skilled as replacements such as machines and computers can take over the job.

  • jobs such as printing, manufacturing and secretarial work have all been replaced by machines and computer as they operate much faster and cost less.

external image hotStripMill.jpg
control room at steel mill, machines have replaced wokers.

external image photo-printer-machine.jpg
Printing workers have been replaced by printers
as they work faster and produce much more
printing copies at a time.

This is a video showing how the company Foxconn who wants to replace the over halve a million workers with robots.